Thursday, November 18, 2010


I know, horrible pictures with the red eyes and all.  But I did not want to manipulate these in Photoshop.  So I'm stuck as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Goodness, I had forgotten how good a Samuel Adams lager tasted!

Have I mentioned...

...that I LOVE the city of Boston.  I've been fortunate to travel there twice.  I have to go back much I was not able to visit.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from my most recent Boston trip:

Orange is one of my favorite colors.  I was very happy to capture these red-orange colors of fall.  I just don't get these colors in San Antonio.

Randy at the Frog Pond.

The view from my hotel window.  Every morning when I opened the blinds I said "Good morning,  Boston!"  Yeah, I'm cheesy that way.

Some more Boston Pictures

On the way to the Boston Commons

I was so excited to catch fall colors; and amazed when I came upon the sea of golden-green gorgeousness!

At the Commons

Stopping to ponder at the Frog Pond.

I'm sad.  I have to leave.

Off to a good start...

I won't be able to accomplish much this November in terms of layouts...lots of traveling and holidays!  I LOVE holidays!  But here is what I've done so far (my designers are creating such fantastic material to work with...woot, woot!)

Created with Ode To a Muse by Holliewood Studios and Finecrafted Designs.

Created with Spooky Night by Southern Creek Designs

Also created with Ode To a Muse by Holliewood Studios and Finecrafted Designs

I've been experimenting with different styles too:

Created with kits by Dawn Inskip

Also with Dawn Inskip products.

Created with Sunny Winter's Day by Sunflowers Studio

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