Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some more of my 52 weeks 4x6 creations...

I'll start with pics from 2 weeks ago.


Randy came up with idea!

October would not be complete w/out some pumpkins!

And, some creations from this week:
Created with Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Poppy
Also with ArtPlay Poppy

I've created one more 4x6 this can see it here.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

With the recent...

death of my father in law, I've acquired some heritage photos of Randy and his family.  I am very happy to scrap these precious treasures.

This is Sue Ann, Randy's Mom.  I've never met her...she died young at the age of 47.  Randy speaks well of her, the love is apparent.  She was a nurse, a reader, and unfortunately for her health, a partier too.  She was a very lovely woman.

Created with Baroque by Priss Designs.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I love Stampington mags...

...from their Somerset Art Journal line to Memories to Studio and Sew. I love 'em all! I should get a multi subscription pack, but I fear as soon as I do I will come down on orders and have to change my mailing address (which does not seem like a big deal except every time I've moved 'cause of the military there is usually a transient address for two through four months before finally getting a new "home" and I'd sure hate for 'em to get lost in the mail).

In Somerset Memories Autumn 2011 edition, I was greatly inspired by an article titled Project Life featuring Ali Edwards. Ms. Edwards shared her thoughts, ideas and some pages from her focus 52, or 52 week inspiration project. I loved her emphasis on the every day, photography and journaling. Ms. Edwards used a Becky Higgins Project Life collection in addition to some custom made page protectors to make weekly 2-page spreads. The project reminded me of some mini pages I made well before I became an avid 8x8" or 8.5x11" page maker (I like these two sizes 'cause I can print my LOs at home on glossy brochure paper).

Ms. Edwards feature article has inspired me to go the mini route again...but this time focusing on weekly events. This project is perfect for me as I already participate in a F52 photography project, a 52 Inspirations project and I'm an avid digi-scrapper/artists. Now, I can combine these three into one home. Plus, I've started make hybrid and hand made art journal pages. This is such a great way to do hybrid and use some of my art journal fodder (like the Lost and Found below)! I'm excited! Can you tell?

Picture of Randy on his B-day; and the cupcake I ate!
Randy loves chess, I don't.  But got some good pics
of the glass chess board.  I made the
Washi tape.
Focus on journaling, about my two weeks in October. I made
the Lost & Found bit.
Focus on journaling, this time about Randy's week.  I asked
him to write down 10 words that described how he felt about
the  prior two weeks (he lost is father October 3rd).
I wanted to emphasize both the photo and the fact that Randy
made this for me!
I'll be making six mini-pages per week as I already have two photo albums that house 4x6 photos, three on a page (I don't want to have to buy new products...just use what I already have).  The five mini-pages above are from my first week highlighting the beginning of October.  I will do these weekly if time and events permit (I know some weeks are so darn boring...I won't have much to journal about or photograph...if that happens I'll combine a week or two).  In the pages above I've used digital elements from Cinzia Loosemore (Everday Life 2) and Biograffiti (Little Details).

Monday, October 10, 2011

An Art Journal Page...

I love creating for my designers, do not get me wrong.  But sometimes, its nice to make a page from the heart that contains a variety of elements from a variety of kits.

Monday, October 3, 2011

It is time to share...

some of the wonderful kits my designers have made during the past week(s).

Made with All Hallows Eve 2 and All Hallows Eve
PhotoMasks by CryztalRain; the lady from Tumble
Fishes 15 Dresses
Eye See u
The Five Senses

The previous two were made with Ode To a Muse 2 by FineCrafted and HollieWood Studios.
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