Thursday, October 21, 2010

Up close and personal

Patterns and Textures

One of my favorite aspects of photographing plants and nature, is find patterns and textures...

Yipee ki yay...

Clementine Designs as has released A Cowboy Song.  Now I can share this photo of one my puckies.  This is Lizzie:

Lizzie Girl

Since I'm adding Lizzie, it is only fair that I add Reggie too!

Foxy Reggie

Now, you might be thinking it odd me putting Reggie in a fur coat; however, I think if Reggie could, she would definitely wear some additional furs!  LOL!  The Foxy Reggie layout was made with Foxes and Furs by Finecrafted Designs.

While I'm at it,  I'll add another piece I made with A Cowboy Song:

My Own Prison

Saturday, October 16, 2010

While I'm at it...

...I'll add a couple more digi-arts!

Created with Leaf It Fall To Me by Dragonfly Beach Designs @ Plain Digital Wrapper
Created with Keeper of Time by Studio Gypsy @ Scrapbookgraphics
My avatar all over digi-land!  I look good in green (lol!)  Created with Donna Rafferty's Halloweenerie @ Plain Digital Wrapper
Created w/a couple of Studio Gypsy's Kits including Bouncy Blossoms

San Antonio Botanical Gardens

I finally decided to take a day away from digi-land. I spent most of the day at SA Botanical Gardens taking over 400 pictures. My gosh thats a lot...but I love them all.  You'll see many of them in my digi-art. Before I do some drastic alterations, here are my favorite 5 (no level or curve adjustments, no photomanipulation at all, my goodness I'm going through Photoshop withdraw, I need an intervention here!):

All these photo are mine.  You do not have permission to use them!

Matte Painting

I am greatly inspired by matte painting.  While my art is primitive compared to the masters, this is a technique I desire to master.  Fantasy art has always been one of my favorite, if not favorite, types of art.  If you are curious as to what matte painting is (and why I call my art primitive) check out this site:

Here are few of my 12x24s inspired by the matte painting technique (inspired is the key word):

The first picture utilized Before the First Snow by Studio Lorie @ Scrapbookgraphics; the middle utilized Cowboy Song by Clementine Designs soon to be released @ Deviant Scrap; and the bottom utilized Good Evening by Finecrafted Designs, One Ghostly Night by Totally Wild Dezines, and Eleanor's Avenue by Clementine Designs (all at Deviant Scrap).

Monday, October 4, 2010

Creative Digi-Artists...

...apply here!

Lisa's (Studio Gypsy) team is fabulous to be on!  She is a terrifically sweet person and her kits ROCK!

Here is a link to her blog:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Love October...

...the creepiest month of the year!

Come check out Marta van Eck's new kit:  Master of Puppets
Here are two pages I made using it:


The Doll House
And Finecrafted Design also has a new creepy-fun kit:  Good Evening
Here is what I did with that kit:


The Grave Digger

Halloween is such a blast!


Skinnies are in!  These are 4x8" pages.  Here are a few I've made:

Inner Beauty
Evening Star

Lady in Red
She Liked To Shop

Damn, I'm Still In Kansas

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Think of Fall

Also at Plain Digital Wrapper last month, scrappers were encouraged to make a page about autumn.  Instead of sharing the page I made, I'll share the photos:

These are not the best photographs I have ever taken.  They were taken before my Nikon D-90 days sometime in fall of 2006.  The day was extremely rainy and I'm lucky I did not destroy the point and shoot camera I had (that was later destroyed by snow).  None-the-less, these photos are near and dear to my heart.  They represent the first time I traveled to San Juan Island; the first time I drove my vehicle onto a ferry.  It was perfect Washington weather!  Ahhh, the memories...the feelings of excitement, the adventure to a new place, doing new things!  San Juan Island will forever be one of my favorite places ever!

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