Saturday, April 9, 2011

I found a wonderful site...

called Texture Tuesdays.  Its hosted by Kim Klassen.  Every Tuesday she posts a new FREE texture for you to use.  How generous is that?  Here are my first two creations using her texture WarmSun.

Aside from the free textures, Kim Klassen's Blog is full of inspirational eye candy!


  1. Textures are so much fun, got to love Kim for her generosity.

  2. Interesting the different tones. Nice work.
    Remember, to get the high resolution freebies from Kim, to sign up for email notifications.

  3. Very beautiful! Great Yellow!

  4. Hi Lisa, so nice to meet you. I love your site and your artwork is really cute and fairytale like.
    I would follow you but I need to set that up with a photo real soon so it doesn't look like a shadow on the wall for your followers list.

    Thanks for stopping by and doing some laundry with me *giggles*

  5. oh I LOVE that second one! Great perspective and such a fun, interesting shot.
    Kim rocks, doesn't she? :)


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