Friday, February 24, 2012

I know...

the Pentax Q will never take pictures as sharp as my Nikon.
And there may be some noise due to the small sensor.


it has a way of capturing


that is simply


One of my favorite past times is collecting photos
of flowers in every color of the rainbow!

When its me and my camera and the hunt
for details within flowers

the world becomes quite

I am filled with peace

worries dissolve

and for at least an hour or two
(or maybe three or four)

I am calm and untroubled.

(Well, at least until I get a rumbly in my tummy
and have to get some lunch.)


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  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your visit – wonderful to see your work. A rainbow of flower photos is a beautiful idea. Love your digital pieces, too! Have a great weekend. – g


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