Monday, June 4, 2012

Taking a Leap

whether I want to or not.

Camera Roll-12

Taking a Leap

Today George, my iMac, left me. He is on the advanced party. Well, no not really. He will arrive in Korea later than I will; me gettin to travel by plane and all and him by sea. So, I am taking a leap. A leap into my new iPad to learn more about iPadography and iMovie. It is a challenge, being away from my comfort zone *aka photoshop* But hey, I've been reading that CS6 has movie editing capabilities...

I am also taking a leap into learning html as that seems to be the only way I can post from my iPad. But thats okay too. I've wanted to improve my bloggin' skills and what better way to do so than learn its language?

This week in Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers, Kim challenges us to write a Leap List. So what would be on my list?

1. Learn photo-editing on the iPad

2. Learn to manipulate my blog

3. Learn html

Here's to taking a leap!

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  1. I hope you'll share what you learn about processing and posting on an iPad. I'd love to follow along with you. Best to you on your new adventure!!


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