Saturday, October 13, 2012


my dear friends.
Have I been busy as ever!

Today, however.

Today was a welcomed break.


Time away from Anjeong-ri.
Time away from what has become my usual.


Yes, my day was full of bliss.
Let me tell you about it.

Today Pyeongtaek City hosted a Cultural Tour.
I began my morning visiting a nearby Buddist Temple
(pictures coming),
followed by three hours at the Suwon Folk Village.



Not enough of it spent there!
Suwon Folk Village

Ginkgo leaves changing into their fall coats.

Red Maple.

Here I Am.

Korea is such a beautiful country.

I am
I finally
enjoyed her

All pictures taken with the
Pentax Q today.


  1. I am ecstatic that you are there and green with envy. Would really love to hear more about it. The photos look wonderful, nothing like I imagined S. Korea would look. Not sure really what I thought, but more barren, less beautiful. And you look positively amazing, dear Lisa. Many hugs and take care of yourself,dear sweet girl. I had no idea but is your husband there too?

  2. Lovely images and sentiments, Lisa. I've missed you! Thanks for stopping in to see my Kobi. Glad he brings you smiles. It's hard to get motion pics on my new HTC phone camera. I'll keep trying. I have found some fun post processing apps. PhotoFunia has lots of possibility. So glad you've found the beauty in your station.

  3. beautiful post and what a beauitful place


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