Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spooky Hallow

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is by far one of my ALL TIME favorite movies. I did not watch it this year, however. Boo-hoo! *sniff* But thats okay. I did see another TB movie...Frankenweeine. Although I cried like a little girl in the movie theater 'cause I could not bare watching a beloved pet die. I'm going through The Nightmare Before Christmas withdrawal...I didn't get my yearly fix...which had become a bit of Halloween tradition for me.

This was my Halloween weekend: Spooky Hallow
And the Drunkbus!!!
Thats me as a pirate. But I think I came out more gypsy like! *smirk* Very fitting for me ;)
Hey! He kinda looks like Jack the Pumpkin King!
(I think I'm in love.)

With the exception of me in my Pirate/Gypsy outfit, all pics taken with my Nikon D90, 35mm 1:1.8 fixed. Not bad for night photos w/no flash.

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  1. I love your night photos, Lisa. My son saw Frankenweenie ... that's about all I know about that. He didn't say much. I would have cried too. I hate to even think that I won't outlive my Kobiboy!

    Not necessarily related, but I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo recently and was surprised that I thought it was a really good movie. Even the the tattoo-girl was not someone I could really see myself being friends with, I liked her, and it opened my mind a bit. We are all alike, aren't we? Just wanting to be loved. Never mind that we don't look the same.

    Happy weekend to you. laf


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