Saturday, November 10, 2012

When in Korea... as the Koreans. (And drink Soju.)

I've found I have an affinity for the beverage Soju. Its Korean rice liquor and tastes very much like Vodka, but much sweeter. I was in Daegu the other day, er night, and showed my husband what I was drinking. He said he will no longer call me his little Soldier. I am now his little Soju. *giggle*

Yes, thats me taking a picture of me talking with Randy on the iPad. And yes, it was taken with my iPhone. *lol* Device overload? No way! I love the technology that allows me to video chat from across the globe.

More selfies. Yes, I've had a preoccupation with self. I guess I want to document my time here in Korea. Speakin' of which, here are couple of Daegu shots. Watch out for those moped-ist. They drive on the sidewalks. Almost got ran over twice!

After having a yummy dinner of spicy chicken at a local restaurant a block away from the hotel, I sat in my room for hours staring out the window. Reminded me a bit of sitting in the window in Boston. I enjoy the quiet time. Just sitting and observing and appreciating the moment. I found it humorous, the small parking lots below. Too small for the vehicles. Was even more humorous watching peeps park.

Yes, another selfie. I'm always on the hunt for reflections. The pictures below were taken at Camp Walker.

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