Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Its an exciting time for me...

...being stationed in Korea. I love exploring Pyeongtaek City. Although I came from hot and humid San Antonio, Texas, Korea's cold does not bother me. Scarves, hats, gloves and crazy 'em. And I've got quite a collection growing. Its snowed many times this fall (to think its not even winter yet!). But I've enjoyed the snow and cold.

I turn 37 this month. I love my age. I love where I am in life. I would not turn back the hands of time.

Kits used on the above layouts:


  1. I loved your journaling, love love the 'messy' grungy gorgeous design and how you used those kits, but mostly I am so proud to be a tiny miniscule part of your digi life and finding out how you spend your days or thoughts. And I so understand how you feel about being 37, because I felt the same way at that age. All the way up to 48 and even some years after I hit my 50s something birthday. Life is great and you are just starting. More please, I am loving it. xoxox

  2. So good to "see" you, Lisa. I've been wondering how you are. I love your collage pieces here. How wonderful that you are not searching, but on your path. You look a bit like Jane Seymour in the third one ... just beautiful! Happy Birthday, whatever day it is.

  3. catching up on my blogs great scrapbook pages. nightmare before christmas is one of my favorites too


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