Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just over a year ago...

is when I made my last post.  Yes, I will say it, "my how time flies."

When I last posted, I was in Korea and it was winter. Now, I am back in the States, Missouri.  And I think I brought winter with me.


So much can happen in one year.

Created with Holliewood Studio's and Hidden Vintage Studio's
Down the Rabbit Hole

My heart is in your hands. But the "tick, tick, tick" of my pocket watch is insistent.
I will not wait forever...

Oh, no...

Now I wonder where I went wrong. My heart is broken, as I have broken others' hearts.

Created with Studio Tangie's Midnight Dreams and
Mizzd Stock

I am Alice.
I am bold, brave and daring. But I don't know who I am.

I am Jack Frost.
I am fun loving and charismatic. But I am not seen.

I am Jack Skellington.
I am dark and seeking. But my perfection clouds my vision.

The Man in Moon spoke to me. He told me to find my center.
The way may be painful. It may be chaotic.
But when you find your center,
you find your magic…

…and I believe

…in magic!

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