Sunday, December 4, 2011


The moment I saw the digital kit by Eena's Creations, Fantasy of an Artist, the page below came to mind.

I knew I wanted me in that little paper hat boat reaching out, or reaching into the water.  Victor captured the shot of me (for both of these LOs).

I've been making my digi-art journal in two page format.  Here is my second  page.

I don't always know what I am going to create.  I had the idea for the left side (very top page) already in mind; but I did not know how the second page was going to form.  I am pleased with the results, the symbolism that took shape...

The left side is the true me.  She is more left-brained, so it is fitting she is on the left side of the two sided LO.  Floating along the river of life, she reaches out for her goals and dreams.  Although art is her hobby, she dreams of becoming an artist.  Digi is her primary format, but she is working on the physical too...she is making contact with the paint brush.  Her dreams are not always clear, not always tangible, so it is fitting "dream" is obscured by the spider web.

The right side represents my inner muse.  The muse is very aware of her dreams (dream is not obscured by the web).  The muse is a bit elusive though, so she remains partially hidden behind the log.

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  1. These are very clever Lisa. I love the imagery and dreaminess they exude. They are both quite vibrant, which I'm guessing is also one of your bright spot characteristics!

    I've been having trouble keeping up with all my new Flickr contacts, but I do try to get around eventually!


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