Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh-my, I am in love...

I saw an add in the paper today. 97 cent iPhones (with 2 year plan of course) at Walmart.  Oh, and I should mention, its the older model...the 3G.  Ah, 3G--4G, would I be able to tell the difference? I care about the differerenes?  We're talking a 97c iPhone here!  Oh, and reading an in-depth article about the Hipstamatic app had nothing to do with me wanting an iPhone all of a sudden.  Mmm, nope, nothing at all.

Lets just say Randy made fun of me 'cause when we got home, he saw the add open to the 97c iPhone.  And he asked me, "did you even make it past this page."  Uhh, nope.

We'd been eyeing smart phones.  Waiting for a deal; waiting for data plans to go down.  etc. etc.  Our dumb phones were very old (still are).  Buttons starting to NOT work.  Nothing important...just the on/off switch, volume control...yes, it was past time for an upgrade.

Walmart did not have the phones.  No Walmart in my vicinity had the phones. What???  How are you going to have an add for 97c iPhones, but not have any 97C iPhones in stock?


Off to the AT&T store...checked them before I left anyways.  3G iPhones 99c.  I can live with that!

First app downloaded on new iPhone.  Hipstamatic.

And here are some shots from down-town S.A.  Randy took me to The Nutcracker at the Lila Cockrell theater.  I enjoyed the show. Randy enjoyed his nap.  The walk to the theater was BEAUTIFUL.

And after the ballet, we had dinner.

And then I kept playing with my new toy...

Pucka says its time for bed.

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  1. Seriously? You got a new iPhone for .99!! How lucky for you. Now, THAT's a cool Christmas present!! Love the red boot and the tiny yellow leaves.

    Merry Christmas to you, Lisa. ;->


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