Friday, December 2, 2011

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Week...

I made a Thanksgiving tree.  On it were five things (each) Randy and I are Thankful for.  We are both thankful for the puckas and each other.  We are also thankful for:

Art & Beauty

It rained.  Glorious rain.  And Randy and I decorated for the Holidays.

Its cold across America.  But in San Antonio, the weather
is mild. My "biscuit" plants are still growing strong.
Randy is the chef in the family.  Over the weekend, he decided to try something a little different with the potatoes.  He used the pineapple corer to remove the center of the potatoes.  Then he stuffed the potatoes with celery, a slice of bacon, onions and some butter.  They turned out delightful!

I love the Holiday season!  I love that it kicks off with Thanksgiving, a time to reflect upon what we cherish most.  It sets the right mood, the right tone for coming days.  I don't do Black Friday.  And I absolutely will not go shopping on Thanksgiving day.  The Holidays are not about shopping.  Finding the right gift for my loved ones is important to me...when you get that right "thing" it spreads happiness, joy and delight. But its not the gift per se that matters most...its the joy and love thats spread and shared.  Its letting those you love know that you care and that they are in your heart and thoughts.

I hope as the Holidays progress, the Spirit and Joy of the Season reaches your heart.

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