Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whats my style?

When I opened the digital kit Stylish Attitudes by FineCrafted Designs, this is the page I wanted to make:

Being on a Creative Team is wonderfully challenging and at times a bit limiting as the designer of the kit may have a different idea of the kit's scope, style and uses. Huh?  Scope, style and uses? Well, yes. All you have to do is look through the vast "styles" of various digital designers and the online stores that sell their product to get my point. I wouldn't shop at Deviant Scrap if all I create are minimalist pages or traditional pages. Nope, Deviant Scrap is the place to go for fantasy style pages, art journaling, zetti and realistic-looking pages. This does not mean one cannot use Deviant kits for traditional or minimalist pages...its just that they don't lend themselves as easily to those styles.

So whats my style?  All of the above. I am as equally drawn to fantasy pages as I am to minimalist and traditional pages. And, I am an art journal-er! Digital style of

To create the page above I blended three kits to get the look I wanted and I am very happy with the results! Apparently others are too as I made the Gallery Standouts Blog with this one.

My page is a dedication to a new found love of fashion photography. My work is titled FASHIONISTA. But it could have the name "i am no fashionista" as I am not. 

*smile * 
Nope, I am a Kohls shopper. And although their clothes follow the latest trends, I in particular do not (although I am coming around the artistry of dressing). I do, however, love fashion photography. This love began by accidentally stumbling upon the work of Mert and Marcus who are often featured in Vogue. I adore their work so much I now subscribe to edition of  Oh, you should see Vogue on the new iPad. The colors. The crisp, sharp images. 

I am also a fan of takinyerphoto which I discovered through the app Flipboard. Takinyerphoto combines fashion with street photography and the images captured are absolutely beautiful! Makes me want to whip out the iPhone and get busy taking street shots. 

And last, but not least, check out the blog What I Wore by Jessica Quirk. Again, its not the fashion that draws me to the blog, its the fun quirky photos of Jessica I adore (although her outfits are cute too!).

My love of photography has led me into the world of fashion. It will be interesting to see how this new interest impacts my style. Or lack thereof. 


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